ID Card Systems help schools create a secure learning environment.


ID Card Systems provide more than Student ID's.  They help schools create a secure learning environment.

Primary, secondary, university, or TAFE...the goal is the same: An optimal learning environment. To create that environment, your facility needs to be secure.

Envision Today’s Schools

  • A new student comes in, and while their paperwork is being completed, their ID card is printed. This ID card has a colour picture of the student, their name and signature, and a barcode, RFID chip or magnetic stripe.
  • The student visits the library and since their ID card also works as a library card, it is scanned to record the borrowing details.
  • The student copies pages from a reference book. The usage charge is deducted directly from their student account.
  • The student visits the cafeteria, and instead of handing over money, they simply have their ID card scanned. Since it also works as a meal card, the total amount is deducted directly from their student account.
  • The student attempts to enter the staff lounge, and is unable to... because their ID card also works as a security card, and it does not allow them access to the staff lounge.
  • When the student enters a classroom, they swipe their ID and are marked present. When they leave the classroom, they swipe again to verify they were in class the full time... and to verify where they were last. If that student turns up missing, the school's security system will know where they were last -- and when.
  • The student goes to computer class, and swipes their ID to log into a computer. That computer then allows access to specific applications only... based on their pre-set configured access levels.

These same ID cards can be used for faculty and staff.

Maintenance crews can have access to boiler rooms or other mechanised areas, while students are not able to enter. Office staff can have access to private computer records, while the teacher’s access is denied. That level of security in any school system may seem sad to some people, but in today's world: it's a reality that can be addressed with a standalone through to a fully integrated ID card solution.

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